Performance-installationen STUDIO CITE af Benjamin Vandewalle under Metropolis 2019 i København

Volunteer for Studio Cité by Benjamin Vandewalle

Thurs. 4 July – Amagerbro Torv, Kbh. S – 14-20 hrs
Fri. 5 July – Amagerbro Torv, Kbh. S – 14-20 hrs
Sat. 6 July – Amagerbro Torv, Kbh. S – 11-17 hrs

Mon. 8 July – Blågårds Plads, Kbh. N – 14-20 hrs
Tues. 9 July – Blågårds Plads, Kbh. N – 14-20 hrs
Wed. 10 July – Blågårds Plads, Kbh. N – 14-20 hrs

Fri. 12 July – Enghave Plads, Kbh. V – 14-20 hrs
Sat. 13 July – Enghave Plads, Kbh. V – 11-17 hrs
Sun. 14 July – Enghave Plads, Kbh. V – 11-17 hrs

Studio Cité is an artistic playground with a series of activities and installations, which everybody is welcome to try and participate in for free. Studio Cité occupies a square for 3 days and wants to give inhabitants a different perspective and experience of their neighborhood. Benjamin Vandewalle’s team of 6 artists needs help of 10 volunteers to guide and inform about Studio Cité and to activate and run this ’playground’.

You should be an open and social person, who is not afraid to engage passersby to participate. You will have different kinds of tasks on the square, such as telling people what Studio Cité is about, serving coffee and tea at the info-container,and especially guidingand operatingsome of the masques and installations – always in close cooperation with the artists. Benjamin will give you precise information on how to do the different tasks.

Language is not really an issue, although it is an advantage if you speak both Danish and English.

Studio Cité takes place outdoors on a square, which means that you have to be prepared for all kinds of weather. 

  • It is an advantage if you are able to join us all three days on asquare. 
  • You will get a meal, beverages and a T-shirt. 
  • If you take min. 4 shifts, you will get a gift voucher for Magasin worth DKK 500.
  • You will work together with Benjamin Vandewalle’s team, you will meet many different people and participants on the square, and your cooperation is essential to give a very special and fantastic artistic experience to the participants.
  • You will get invitations for Metropolis performances throughout the summer.

Are you interested in volunteering or want more info, please contact Anne Gregersen at / (+45) 33 15 15 64 (weekdays / daytime).

Read more about Studio Cité here.

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