24. september: Emma K. Thomas / Walking Landscapes Aarhus

TID: 24 September 07.00 – 19.00
KATEGORI: Billedkunst
RUTE: Tangkrogen/Strandvejen – Moesgaard Museum – Mårslet – Ravnholt – Hasselager – Aarhus C – Hasle Bakker/Skjoldhøjkilen
DELTAG: Vandringen kan opleves online.  



I am making this walk for my children and their contemporaries. It is both a form of lament for what we have closed off to them in terms of the landscape and the life that once inhabited it and a hopeful investigation into future possibilities should we take steps to redress the balance between mankind and nature.  I belong to the seventies’ generation, whose early lives coincided with the prescient warnings of environmentalists – generally marginalized and ignored. Now as adults, we are seeing the full effects of the ‘great acceleration’, the massive expansion in population, living standards and industrial agriculture that has accompanied our lives, becoming acutely evident in nature and the environment.  

I am not native to Aarhus so the walk takes its starting point at Tangkrogen where in 2015, while carrying my second child, I contributed a large installation as part of the sculpture biennale, Sculpture by the Sea.  From the memory of this transient experience of Aarhus, I will depart into ‘unknown’ territory on a walk planned from satellite maps and research on the internet. I will use literary references and my own research and memories to relate to this specific landscape as representative of landscapes across the world more generally.

One of the joys of walking is the opportunity it offers for encounters with the unexpected. So while I will go prepared to some extent, the precise nature and location of the livestream will not be planned in advance. The camera will act as a roving eye, alighting on and engaging with points of departure in the landscape with which I may interact. I will carry with me a couple of small totems, reminders of the children who are ever-present in my heart; silent witnesses to my journey.


Emma K. Thomas is a British-Mexican painter and sculptor with a background in broadcasting.  

She has spent the past two years developing and producing a global collaborative artwork @withNature2020, to raise awareness of biodiversity loss. It took place on 22 May 2021, with a 19-hour webcast on YouTube from across the world, showcasing giant mosaic images of endangered plant and animal species that were created by an international network of contributing artists and organisations.  The work was the subject of a radio documentary, A Tapestry of Species, for the BBC World Service presented by Danish painter Eske Kath.

Emma graduated from City&Guilds of London Art School in 2012.  


Instagram: @withNature2020

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