2. september: Anamet Magven / Walking Landscapes Skagen

TID: 2. september kl. 09.00-21.00
RUTE: Råbjerg Mile
DELTAG: Vandringen kan opleves online.
Live-stream hver hele time på www.facebook.com/walkinglandscapes


Some years ago I moved out of Copenhagen to an island called Læsø in the north of Denmark. A beautiful naturespot, but contemporary dance-less island. I had given birth, and nursed a baby and a dying mother and was coming back to myself and my dancing body.

In my search, I would simply walk out of the house, to the beach or to the wilderness between the trees, and just start dancing. Just moving – fertilizing my body again. Feeling my soul articulate itself and get in touch with itself, with where I was, how I was, at that particular point in time within that particular place. It was deeply therapeutic and a nourishing work. And NatureDance was born.

The walk will be a solo walk looking for new audiences and allies. All species are welcome to witness the walk (if they happen to be present, as I have no map) or virtually, as I share my journey with both the seen and the unseen world.

Giving in to what is, I will let myself be guided, and I will report  a transmission of inner and outer landscapes.

I see this walk as a mutual longing for the world and I to belong to one another. To restore the optical illusion of separation. This walk started long ago, but I will move forward with trepidation. To dialogue with nature through NatureDance is a deeply intimate down-to-earth state of vulnerability.

I will begin with a ceremony and ask the universal desert questions:


Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where do I come from?


Where am I going?


Moving horizontally over the plane of earth I carry a sense of time which is vertical. It connects to my heart-mind-pelvic line and opens up layers of the body as a portal into a universal sense of time and place. Feeling into earth and this axis in my body the horizontal and the vertical meet in synchronicity. It puts me into motion and shows me where to go.



Anamet Magven is a dancer and a seeker of connection and freedom. She trained in dance in London, Holland, Seville, and Denmark.

Her particular practice of engaging with the world is through dance. Dance as an artistic practice; giving voice and articulation to a soulful sense of life, as it runs through all layers of the human body existing in the world. Dance as a pedagogical practice; creating a structured learning space and an understanding of oneself in a specific context. Dance as therapy and a healing art; coming home to oneself and becoming free in the world.

A palate of amazing teachers, colleagues, participants and collaborators has made a rich and versatile background for Anamet to develop from. Working with other dancers, and with her own dancing, she uses a template of tools learnt from her professional life both in contemporary dance and interdisciplinary performance art. She creates spaces with those elements, often in unusual settings, in order to nurture more connection and freedom within a group, herself, the people she works with, and in the world.




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“Seeing with a thousand eyes” af Kate Olivia Higginbottom