Toshie Takeuchi Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

22. juli: Toshie Takeuchi

TID: 22. juli kl. 9.00-21.00
STARTSTED: Falkoner Allé, Frederiksberg
KATEGORI: Billedkunstner
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Toshie Takeuchi Metropolis Walking Copenhagen


With this walk, I would like to reflect upon the (new) distance and intimacy between individuals and between an individual and the society.

I will start walking from my home in Frederiksberg and make a circular walk. On the way out and back, I will ask around 10 people to interact with me in the everyday public space.

People are invited to take part in small intimacy body exercises. We will reflect on and explore distance and intimacy. I will ask people who I know and who I don’t know to participate, yet conduct the same interactions. We will hold an object between our bodies and will create symmetrical shapes. We will meditate together and repeat it several times. Then, we will see what else comes up to explore the topic deeper.

In the current COVID-19 situation, it is still important to keep a correct distance. The challenge of this walk is the same, yet how do we re-connect with others?



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Toshie Takeuchi is a visual artist and film-maker. After living in different countries in Europe for almost 20 years, she moved to Denmark with her family in 2015.

Toshie often deals with people’s personal memories and narratives in and around specific sites. She particularly focuses on disregarded or non-famous stories as a starting point for local reflection on larger territorial narratives. She wants to help expanding the potential of these specific sites.

She is also interested in psychological inner space as an intangible and the most intimate territory within the boundary of body. The body is a powerful medium to archive memories and to mediate between the inner territory and the outside world. Therefore, Toshie wants to explore the (anti-)territorial potential of the human bodies. The place, the boundary and the body work together and are, in her opinion, inextricably linked to creating change in common understanding.

Her researches and fieldworks often result in a form of film, photography, performance or participatory event.

Toshie Takeuchi Metropolis Walking Copenhagen