20. oktober: Nicola Visser / Walking Landscapes Aarhus

TID: 20. oktober kl. 08.00-20.00
RUTE: Aarhus C (Tangkrogen) til Norsminde gennem skoven.
DELTAG: Du kan deltage enten ved at følge vandringen online, bede Nicola om at skrive og sende et brev til dig fra et specifikt sted på ruten eller ved fysisk at møde op og skrive dit eget brev. Se mere nedenfor.
Live-stream hver hele time på www.facebook.com/walkinglandscapes



The intention in this walk is to drop-in to a series of bodily attunements with the landscape and let these surface in the form of letters. The letters are written as faithfully as possible from the resonance of this encounter.

This land-body exchange has taken on more personal significance since living on an apple farm. Putting my hands in the earth has given me a sense of belonging within this new country I am calling home.

In line with these notions of home and belonging I will take our local bus with my son to his school at Tangkrogen. From there I walk – in the direction of my home – to Norsminde – through forests and along waterways.

At each hourly place of rest I will offer an apple from the farm. It is offered in acknowledgement of children‘s stories and old folktales, to forests and tides, to dreams and archaetypes, to the illegible and the impossible… to the shapes of things we can not see, but only feel.



Nicola Visser is a dance artist. She moved from South Africa to Denmark in 2017 and now lives on an apple farm south of Aarhus. Nicola has been dancing and teaching community and contemporary dance for 25 years. Her primary focus is on somatic work in collaboration with nature in projects with mothers and daughters; with walking; with textile; with contemplative movement. In South Africa, Nicola directed Remix Dance Company – a professional company of dancers with and without disability. Recently she collaborated with FIMD as an artist-in-residence at Egmont Højskole and hosts integrated dance classes in Aarhus. Nicola is currently a masters student in dance studies. Her work focuses on taking care, on widening fields of attention and on the multiplicity of place.




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