9 Aug.: Maria Laurette Friis

TIME: 9 Aug. 12.00-24.00h
START: Viktoriagade, Copenhagen V
CATEGORY: Composer / sound artist / musician
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen


Maria Laurette Friis Metropolis Walking Copenhagen


“Under the bridge there is a portal, or it’s just a place under a bridge, depending on the day.”

Walking in the city, searching for First Picture of Walking in Ocher-Coloured Creek, 13 tableaux and places to rest.

First Picture of Walking in Ocher-Coloured Creek.
Walking in the water, following the course of the stream. The creek is icy cold in places and full of rocks, small sharp rocks, large, rounder boulders.
The feet are drilled into ocher-coloured, muddy water at the base of the creek.
The surface is clear and rippling.
Going far and long, can not stop, am so far away that it no longer matters, have gone far farther than before, the house can no longer be seen.

Under the bridge it is cool and dark, a swallow with cubs, a small, bricked, rough and cold ledge to rest on.
The water gurgles and ripples, the sound is amplified in here, the heat wave is kept out.
It’s a small, cool, whitewashed monastery, right there, under the bridge, confessing something to someone or something, maybe to the swallow cubs, the sound being thrown around and left in there.
Outside the space under the bridge, the light is bright and the eyes are narrowing.
The water becomes shallow and slightly warmer, the creek wider, with large rocks and a more sandy, lighter bottom.
It’s another country.

Another day, looking for the same creek.
Find it. It’s just a stream. So the water is not ocher coloured either. Under the bridge, the high-ceilinged, whitewashed monastery room with mirror-water floor in the memory is small and unremarkable, no swallow cubs – were there ever any?



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Maria Laurette Friis is interested in listening behind what might have been said – to the sound that is found nowhere else but in the memory or in the notion of a sound.

Inconsistent stories, strange synchronicities, leaping timelines and antennas in both natural and man-made form are recurring themes.

Both as a composer and as a performer, Maria Laurette Friis works with improvisation as a key element.


Maria Laurette Friis Metropolis Walking Copenhagen