WHAT Installation
WHEN 12 – 27 Aug.
WHERE Christians Brygge in front of Christian 4.s Bryghus – see map

Imaginary urban space with room for new dreams

You find Asbjørn Skou’s critical and reflective installation in one of the city’s gaps, like a mental universe disarranged in time and space. An imaginary room on the threshold of the city, with room for new dreams and perspectives. Equal parts visual and vague, informative and undecided, hopeful and hopeless.

Asbjørn works psychogeographically with unstable terrains, terrain vague. The scraps leftover in the town planning process. He works with photo, collage, installations and interventions, all of which relate hypothetically to the city. Signs lead to non-existing sites. The map refers to places that don’t exist. A report refers to a town planning seminar which never took place.

The vague area springs into existence when old buildings and areas are demolished and rebuilt. Empty areas are developed, and people move there. New districts are based on ideologies about the future. Geographies and dreams are harmonised. Areas are erased from the maps, like a redevelopment of the past. But there are places that have become out of reach. Terrain vagues. Here lies the freedom to address the modern utopia about constant growth. An ambitious platform for de- and recoding the structures we live in.

SUPPORT Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Billedkunst and and in the framework of IN SITU Platform, which has received support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union
Asbjørn Skou
PHOTO Maja Nydal Eriksen