Doris Uhlich Habitat Metropolis København

Habitat – Doris Uhlich

TIME: TOOK PLACE 28, 29, 30 July at 19.30
PLACE: Refshaleøen – meeting place: in front of café La Banchina, Refshalevej 141, Cph. K
WHAT: Choreographed walking performance
FREE – reservation recommended / NB! You can no longer reserve due to limited space for the forst scene – however, you are very welcome to show up at 20.00 at Refshalevej 163A and join the rest of the performance walk
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A choreographed celebration of the landscape of the body

40 bodies. Vastly different, but similar in their nudity. They react to each other. And to the place. They tremble and shake. They rush off in groups to suddenly find common peace. The energy is invisible, but radiates all the way out into the body of the audience. The soundscape pulses up and down between insistent techno rhythms and meditative frequencies.

Habitat is a celebration of all bodies, all ages, all genders. 40 human bodies create a common ritual in motion, where everyone is welcome. The 40 bodies take you on a walk around Refshaleøen between wild and vulnerable tableaus – from the industry’s past to the future we can glimpse in the distance with the construction of a new island. A new habitat.

Doris Uhlich Habitat Metropolis KøbenhavnA habitat is a living space for specific species. Here, Refshaleøen becomes home for the body that is tired of playing hide and seek. Austrian choreographer Doris Uhlich wants to peel away the layers that separate us from who we were born as. She wants to create a utopia where the naked body can live outside the traditional norms and ideals. Without shame and without fear of the outside gaze.

Habitat is a traveling format that invites a new group of local bodies each time. Ordinary bodies, some of which are professionally trained to move and some of which are not. The performance is created with these bodies and with the place as an all-important partner.

Doris Uhlich Habitat Metropolis København

Choreographer Doris Uhlich is based in Vienna and works on the biggest international stages and festivals around Europe. She has won several awards in recent years, working with all types of bodies in choreographies often inspired by everyday movements. She works with professionals, non-professionals and with machines, always with a focus on investigating or breaking down conventional body ideals.
Since 2013, she has worked specifically with nudity. It is not about provoking, but about shaking off society’s tabooing of the naked body. After Vienna, Cologne, Bristol, Marseille, Munich and Trondheim, Habitat in Copenhagen is the 10th edition of the work since Doris Uhlich created the first version in 2017.


NB! You can also experience Doris Uhlich at Waves Festival with a workshop and showing 25 Aug.


Duration: 2 hours



Uhlich once again captivates with her concept of naked bodies – very far from any eroticism or sexualization.
Wiener Zeitung

Uhlich’s twitching and wobbling is a real joy. Here, the body itself once again becomes a habitat, a dwelling place for the self-determined ego. And since hardly anyone here has a fully trained body, the identification potential is high. You want to dance along.
Abendzeitung München

As usual with Uhlich, breasts, thighs, and belly fat are allowed to flap. Here, too, they do it at an almost Guinness record pace. The small miracle: the suggested physical imperfection becomes a naturally justified difference in this community.
Bayerische Staatszeitung

Doris Uhlich Habitat Metropolis København

Concept & choreography: Doris Uhlich

Participants: Amélie Dieudonné, Ann Muller, Astrid Sten Andersen, Benedicte Rea Kragskov, Christine Sollie, Doris Haidvogl, Emilie Beske, Enzo Hacquin, Fabio Liberti, Felix Rotter, Felix Urbina, Friederike Paul, Gabriele Albani, Jeanne-Marie Bertram, Johanne Antonina Storm, Karin Mari Vincentz, Karis Amata Zecchi, Katinka Wissing, Klaus Lengefeld, Lisanna Lajal, Lissie Vejtorp, Louis Labadens, Magali Camps, Maria Tepper, Marianna Minasova, Marina Dubia, Miaenaya Ravn, Mim Schneider, Mogens Vejtorp, Nadja Mattioli, Onur Agbaba, Ottavia Catenacci, Paulina Aleksandra Rewucka, Pernille Koch, Roosa Törmä, Rosa Oikonomou, Rosa Reinprecht, Signe Buhl, Theo Emil Krausz, Tone Haldrup Lorenzen, Tryggvi Sæberg Björnsson, Unni Ova Tolfsen
Prøveinstruktører: Hugo Le Brigand, Ann Muller, Mim Schneider
DJ: Boris Kopeinig
Production: Helen Parkes
Company management: Margot Wehinger
Campany’s social media: Esther Brandl
Company international distribution: Something Great

Supported by Cultural Department of the City of Vienna
Metropolis is supported by Statens Kunstfond and Københavns Kommune

Project partners in the Habitat series are donaufestival / KremsImPulsTanz / Vienna in collaboration with Wiener SecessionTanzquartier WienMünchner KammerspieleTanzfestival Rhein-Main (Künstlerhaus Mousonturm / Frankfurt a. M. and Hessisches Staatsballett in the context of Tanzplattform Rhein-Main), Frascati / Amsterdam, Perform Europe (Plexus Rouge / Marseille, Rosendal Teater / Trondheim, Mayfest / Bristol), DOMENIG STEINHAUS / Carinthia, BRITNEY X Festival / Cologne

Photos: Thomas G. Bagge

Doris Uhlich Habitat Metropolis KøbenhavnPRACTICAL INFO

Tickets: If you have booked more tickets than you need or cannot come, please let us know immediately by responding to this email (incl. number of tickets), since all three performances are fully booked.

Meeting place: in front of café La Banchina, Refshalevej 141, Refshaleøen – Copenhagen
(PS: La Banchina is not associated with the performance, so they will not be able to answer questions)

The route: The performance will last 2 hours and will take place on a walking route of approx. 2 km. We will end somewhere else than where we start. It is not possible to bring bikes.

Clothes: Please wear good walking shoes and clothes according to the weather. It will get chilly and windy at the end of the performance. Umbrellas are not possible to bring due to visibility issues.

Weather: The performance will take place in rain or shine to the extent that it is possible, so just come!

Photos/video: Please do not take photos or video during the performance out of respect for the performers. Metropolis will publish images on our website and facebook after the premiere, which you are more than welcome to share: (only images allowed by Facebook) &

Toilets: There are public toilets close to the start and the end of the route. At the start, they are just in front of the busstop for 2A.

How to get there: You can easily arrive by foot or bike (please park your bike at the start place). Also bus 2A and the harbour bus (stop: Refshaleøen) will bring you close to the meeting place. Allow 5 min. walk from both stops.

Doris Uhlich Habitat Metropolis København