8 Aug.: Stuart Lynch – CANCELLED

TIME: 8 Aug. 9.00-21.00h – cancelled due to health
START: Stenpilstræde, Veksø
CATEGORY: Performance artist/director
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen



Twelve monologues for Wa(l)king Copenhagen


Significance is a series of monologues written by Stuart Lynch. They focus on specific, significant moments from Lynch’s life that are associated with specific, particular places in Copenhagen. From an alcoholic moment of clarity in a Blågårdsgade Street pub, to the bench on which a marriage came to an end, to falling in love under a tree. All twelve significant moments and places reimagined via twelve monologues.


Stuart Lynch Metropolis Walking Copenhagen



Stuart Lynch is the headmaster of KFTS, ‘The Copenhagen Film & Theatre School’. He is theatre director, performance artist and teacher with a background in psychology, theatre company management, martial arts and Butoh dance. He was a dancer with the actor and choreographer, Min Tanaka, in Japan in the early 1990’s. He is a leading exponent of Tanaka’s training system, ‘Bodyweather’. His school, KFTS is unique as the only school in Scandinavia to run a life-coaching programme alongside the film and theatre acting programme.


Stuart Lynch Metropolis Walking Copenhagen