17 July: Rune Lohse

TIME: 17 July 14.00-02.00h
START: Wesselsgade, Copenhagen N
CATEGORY: Musician/composer
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen



My idea is to explore the urban space from an auditory perspective. Has the crisis foreshadowed the post-apocalypse, or is there still a willingness and desire to live for the city of Copenhagen? Does the city tell us how it feels?

There is no doubt that humans radiate waves and particles that – if you know how to listen – can be read and measured. And with a sufficiently large amount of data, one can understand what constitution the body and organs are in. This materialization of man is gradually accepted. We know that you can repair and replace inside a body that contains soul, ego, love, etc. I believe that the city is alive and can be humanized by simply accepting what it tells. It is as much nature as a human being.

I explore this question through recordings that are sampled and made into small pieces of music during the walk. The recordings may be accompanied by improvisations on poetry, dance, graphics and music.



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Rune Lohse is an improvisational musician focusing on the interaction between society and art. A small selection of feats: The release of the work “7” (7 different records recorded in one year) was the focus on the choice and the impossibility of making the right choice. An appearance at the festival “Den Anden Side” on an instrument built only with things from the area. And tours in Europe and Asia as a drummer in a multitude of different bands. All projects that Rune Lohse is involved in revolve around improvisation in one way or another.

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