31 July: Per Buhl Acs

TIME: 31 July 4.00-16.00h
START: Classens Have, Copenhagen Ø
CATEGORY: Musician / composer
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen



12 musical expressions of the time we are in, have been through and the time to come.

The pandemic that distanced us brought attention to the space between us.

Economics, ecology, sociology, architecture and the symbiosis on the planet Earth are some of the topics I will ponder on my journey in Copenhagen.

Does independence bring peace?
Submission / Surveillance
Test / Gen banks
The power of money / The power of nature
The sick, the wild, the lonely – those who were already isolated
The losers / the winners
Back to normal / Have we gotten wiser?

On my walk, I want to take with me everything that moves me out there, and let it be expressed in the 12 live-streams.

The music is performed live with vocals, mini-synthesizers and sampler with pre-recorded real sounds combined with sounds recorded on the walk.





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Since 1977, I have worked as a musician, songwriter, sound engineer, music producer, performer and composer. I collaborate with dancers, performance artists, orchestras, visual artists, poets, TV producers and podcasters.

Sound as a concept has brought me into many different contexts, this time with lyrical comments on the year of the pandemic 2020.