1 July: Paolo de Venecia Gile

TIME: 1 July 10.00-22.00h
START: Biens Allé, Copenhagen S
CATEGORY: Dancer / choreographer
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen


Dancer and choreographer Paolo de Venecia Gile is not appearing today.

Instead, drag king Sebastian CARE shows up to re-cognize, re-use and share his survival tactics in times of Corona and social distancing.

CARE walks through Copenhagen carrying tools of disinfection, reflection and recreation. CARE devotes 12 hours to 3 questions: How is it to delve fully into the gaps between life-before and life-after this pandemic? How is every-one coping, both strangers and related ones? How do we amplify these mechanisms of coping, possibly as means of thriving?

CARE awaits movements, following and amplifying them, paying attention to where each step and each act may lead in a serious and necessary balance of work and play amidst another global crisis.

The amplifications can come in shapes of moving-dancing and voicing-singing among shifts and changes of a shared digital eye – the omnipresent phone camera. Who knows what this walk can bring?

This is an invitation to explore the worlds and meanings of drag: 1) the traditions of LGBTQIA+ people and theatre, 2) the action of pulling air into lungs, 3) pulling something heavy across a surface, or 4) the force which resists motion.

Walking can be a real drag. Other times walking can be entertaining and healing.

… *sigh*… *step*… *breathe in*… *smile*…

… Many questions. Even more steps. Limited hours only. Let’s do this.







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Paolo de Venecia Gile (b. 1994, Philippines; pronouns: he/they) is a Swedish-Filipino artist who received his degree in dance and choreography from the Danish National School of Performing Arts after studying nursing at Linné University. His artistic practice is informed by an interest in modes of attention across bodies and medias, regarding movement as a key motif.

He explores movement, attention, dance, body, text, voice, place and subjectivity as malleable materials within a range of repetitive but fluid structures of power. He is keenly interested in the migration and transformation of dance(s) across time, medias and geographies.

They are one of sixteen members of a newly founded dance cooperative in Valby, Copenhagen.

Paolo has worked in various constellations with people such as: Ofelia Jarl Ortega, Georgia Kapodistria, Jules Fischer, Amalie Bergstein, Thjerza Balaj, Andreas Haglund, Frederic Gies, Eleanor Bauer, Eisa Jocson and Adriano Wilfert Jensen.




Photo: Thjerza Balaj