15 May: Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg

TIME: 15 May 04.00-16.00h
START: Fuglebakken, Frederiksberg
CATEGORY: Circus artist
Live-stream each hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen



Carrying things on your head is usual in many parts of the world as you only need a piece of fabric shaped like a ring in order to carry loads almost the person’s own weight. It is elegant and ergonomic for the anatomy as the weight is placed in a direct vertical line with the spine, feet and our natural centre of body mass.

Balance is crucial. The practice is useful in any place or at any time when no vehicles are available to carry loads.

I will walk from place to place and carry my food, my water, my equipment, you and myself through the city upside down. I want to go far and reach as many different places as possible on my 12-hour hike.

Along the way, I will explore my own balance in nature and urban space, sharing my thoughts and experiences about the hike and one’s state of mind when performing complex lifts and acts of balancing.

I will leave my home at 4 in the morning to catch the sunrise at 5 and continue from there.



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Mikkel is a multidisciplinary artist focusing on circus, dance and music. Since his education at AFUK and DOCH, Mikkel has created several circus companies and toured most of the world with his performances. Recurring themes in his work are collaboration, trust, risk and illusion / authenticity.

“I really appreciate the craftsmanship of the art forms – to train, practice, repeat, develop and refine. For 10 years I have been training the two circus disciplines that I will focus on during my walk: free standing headstand and hair hanging. They are each other’s counterpoints. In a stand-alone headstand, you carry all your weight on your head, whereas hanging in your hair, you carry all your weight in your hair. One stands or hangs from one’s head”.