29 May: Marie-Lydie Nokouda

TIME: 29 May 09.00-21.00h
START: Høeghsmindeparken, Hellerup
CATEGORY: Acting / reading
Live-stream each hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen
Marie Lydie Nokouda Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

In times of distance we grow closer together. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect and for some reconnect. Use your voice, your body, spirit and mind. Use your ability to make others laugh! That is what this is!


For 12 hours, I play the role of Camille Cloud, a well-known business manager and entrepreneur, therapist, go-getter, fitness instructor and author. She is the owner of a product line including skin care products, and then she has her very own column, where she receives letters daily from bizarre personalities who, unlike herself, cannot find the way to living the good life.


Due to the virus, Camille Cloud’s mailbox has been empty, while her inbox has grown tremendously with emails from readers. To no longer sit glued to the screen for many hours, she has asked her readers to submit their letters to her random places in Copenhagen. Then she will read them out loud and answer them via live-stream.


Be warned! Camille Cloud is honest, outspoken and tough in her answers. She is popular and has a lot of fans, and of course, one of them is stalking her. Does she meet him or her on this expedition?




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Marie-Lydie Nokouda is a trained actor from the School of Performing Arts at Aarhus Theatre. Since she debuted with ’Sne’ at Husets Teater back in 2014, she has participated in countless theatrical performances, including ’I nat kommer krigen hjem’ from 2019 by Johns Teater at Sorte Hest, and ’Queens’ in 2020 by Teater danskdansk at Teatergrad. Marie-Lydie, in collaboration with Får302, has produced and starred in the performance ’At sulte sig er egoistisk’ from 2016. On the screen and television she can be seen in small roles in eg. ’Fasandræberne’, ’De Standhaftige’, ’Mesteren’, ’Friheden’ og ’Bedre skilt end aldrig’.


In addition to acting, Marie-Lydie is involved in the work for the inclusion, representation and display of ethnic minorities on the Danish performing arts platform.