La Spire af Chloé Moglia på Grønningen NV, Metropolis 2019

LA SPIRE by Chloé Moglia/Rhizome – Grønningen

Floating aerial acrobatics in a monumental spiral sculpture
DATE 30-31 Aug. / Fri. 19.00 hrs – Sat. 14.00 & 19.00 hrs
PLACE Grønningen, by Bogtrykkervej, Cph. NV

A giant spiral. 7 meters tall and with three large loops. Impossible to climb for an ordinary body, but for the five aerial acrobats in LA SPIRE the monumental construction is a tool to challenge the art of the impossible. The five women cast off gravity and move weightlessly up the metal circles of the spiral.

As us on the ground lean over backwards and hold our breath, the women struggle with all the strength in their bodies to stay afloat. Constantly they have to twist the body out of joint to find a way forward. Hands, feet, thighs seek the next grip on the metal tubes. And the next. And the next. They combine raw strength, poetry and vulnerability into a fearless struggle for survival.

Among them, they have the musician, who with her baritone saxophone and her special sound machines provides the music for this spectacular, meditative dream scenario. As live points on a map of the stars, the six artists create a magical moment outside of time and place. All senses on high alert. Everything is right now and here.

La Spire af Chloé Moglia på Grønningen NV, Metropolis 2019


Last summer, the Metropolis audience fell over backwards at the sight of the powerful, graceful Chloé Moglia hovering seven meters up in the air in her solo performance HORIZON. Now she returns with the collective performance LA SPIRE, which builds on HORIZON and is created together with five fantastic aerial acrobats and an experimental musician.

Chloé Moglia is an icon in the contemporary circus world, and with her company Rhizome she creates performances that can take the breath away from anyone with their feet firmly grounded. Inspired by the four elements and based on her practice in the field of martial arts, she examines the emptiness through her artistic, meditative experiments.

La Spire af Chloé Moglia på Grønningen NV, Metropolis 2019


“Total body control and muscle strength were the focal points of the French circus artist Chloé Moglia’s aerial acrobatic solo, Horizon. To the sound of her shock-like breathing, she pulled herself with pure arm strength up a rope to the top of a seven-meter tall three-legged metal installation. Up there she turned weightlessly into swallow’s nests, twisted her body into obliquely floating sky races, hung by a hand, in her knees, or balanced in the middle of her body as a straight beam. The vulnerability was in the fumbling fingertips that were constantly searching for the next death-defying grip. Down on the ground again she breathed a sigh of relief. As did the audience – after holding their breath for most of half an hour. Sublime!” Weekendavisen on ”Horizon

La Spire af Chloé Moglia på Grønningen NV, Metropolis 2019

Duration: 40 min.
Recommended for all ages


Artistic director & stage designer: Chloé Moglia
Aerialists: Mathilde Arsenault, Fanny Austry, Anna Le Bozec, Mélusine Lavinet Drouet & Chloé Moglia
Live musical composition: Marielle Chatain
Technical design & creation: Eric Noël & Silvain Ohl 
Stage manager: Loïc Jouanjan 
Sound design: Gilles Olivesi
Sound manager: Laurent Guigonnet
Ligthing designer: Coralie Pacreau
Costume: Myriam Rault
Production: (2017) Rhizome – Chloé Moglia
Delegated administration: Le Quartz, Scène Nationale de Brest
Thanks: Laurence Edelin
Photo: Thomas Seest

La Spire af Chloé Moglia på Grønningen NV, Metropolis 2019

In collaboration with and with support from Områdefornyelse Nordvest, Bispebjerg Lokaludvalg, Københavns Kommune and Metropolis – Københavns Internationale Teater.

La Spire af Chloé Moglia på Grønningen NV, Metropolis 2019