Jacob Langaa-Sennek Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

6 Aug.: Jacob Langaa-Sennek

TIME: 6 Aug. 10.00-22.00h
START: Sankt Kjelds Gade, Copenhagen Ø
CATEGORY: Performance artist
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen



This walk is a 12-hour exploration of following the impulse of radical presence throughout the city. Exploring how presence can guide our paths and nurture webs of connectivity, and investigating if the mere quality of presence could be a catalyst for change?

Are we able to extend our radius of empathy by simply concentrating on each other’s capacity to embrace “the other“ within? And how can this play out in times of changed habits with limited exchange of bodily sensory information and physical presence?

An exploration of following the impulse of radical presence through the city, while transmitting findings and signs of life every hour.



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Jacob Langaa-Sennek is co-artistic director of hello!earth, who creates participatory cross-disciplinary art works with relational approach, where the presence of the audience is the co-creating and central element.

The base of the work is an inquiry into consciousness and an exploration of the myth of reality. An attempt to unfold the potential of possible relations between people and place and make interconnectedness and diversity tangible.

Jacob’s work and concepts are characterized by a complex simplicity that stimulate the experiencer on an intuitive level and provoke a spontaneous interaction on a sensual and intellectual level. It is the experiencer that finalizes his work and are invited into a resonance space of their own experience.




Jacob Langaa-Sennek Metropolis Walking Copenhagen