I FEEL THE EARTH MOVE – of course, the air is full of it / by Cirque Barbette (BE) – part of Move It!

A play with gravity and the audience as counterweight
Thursday 30 August 18h30 / AFUK, Cph. SV – find your way
Friday 31 August 18h30 / Ofelia Plads, Cph. K – find your way
Saturday 1 September 13h30 / Rektorparken, Cph. SV – find your way
Sunday 2 September 13h30 / AFUK, Cph. SV – find your way


Cirque Barbette is in search of equilibrium. And the audience is the necessary counterweight. A gigantic installation formed to challenge gravity arises from an equilibrist play with balance and imbalance. Beams become seesaws, seesaws become swings. Impossible balancing becomes possible by means of iron plates, rope and stones.

Two artists, three musicians and the audience. Everybody needs each other. Weight, trust and mutual dependence are the pillars of a collective playing installation, which shows us the possibility of, together, breaking the boundaries of the possible.

Duration: 60 min.

Presented as part of MOVE IT! 30 Aug.-2 Sept. – see full programme



“Cirque Barbette transformed the scene into an experimental arena exploring the delicate art of the equilibrium. After an equilibristic duet on a seesaw, resounding horns of conches and beating drums invited the audience to join the game, resulting in people throwing themselves at the wooden beams and rocking crossbeams. A big playground for everybody. Weekendavisen

With: Julia Tesson, Rosa Matthis, Vanina Fandino, Judith Léonardon, Israelo Alonso, Maximo Pastor Lopez Beltran
By: Rosa Matthis
Dramaturgy and scenography: Reynaldo Ramperssad
Technician: Valentin Boucq
Costumes: Zouzou Leyens
Photo: Thomas Seest (Rektorparken & AFUK)