30 May / night: Gianluca Elia

TIME: 30 May 18.00-06.00h
START: Peder Lykkes Vej, Copenhagen S
CATEGORY: Musician
Live-stream each hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen
Bonus: Gianluca streams live-sound and a live-map for 12 hours (if the battery lasts) on wifi.gianlucaelia.eu

An observation of nature


WiFi networks are an always present layer of our environment. Communication through them is a parallel ecosystem with its own exchanges, times, geography, and weather.


As social distancing has brought focus on how virtual our lifestyle can be, and actually already is, I will dedicate 12 hours to go and listen to this invisible city and its inhabitants.


Traversing more or less inhabited places, and hours of varying activity, through the evening and through the night, I’ll be constantly scanning my surroundings for WiFi activity. Data packets flowing through the air will be translated into a continuous stream of sounds so that our human ears can sense them, streamed online as a web-radio, and sometimes played live on the spot. I will also be plotting my encounters (with data) on a map for people to follow me online, or to be checked from time to time to see what the WiFi weather is like during my trip.



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Gianluca Elia creates a bridge between arts and computer technology, developing instruments and interfaces as a software developer and performer. He graduated with full marks in 2019 from Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium Copenhagen, where he immediately started teaching an experimental course on the SuperCollider platform for computer music.


Originally part of jazz and free-jazz scenes from Milano, he is now based in Copenhagen, where he is an active voice in contemporary improvisation and noise, both in the scene and academy, and works as a software developer for web and mobile applications.