Camilla Berner Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

3 July: Camilla Berner

TIME: 3 July 6.00-18.00h
START: Dronning Elisabeths Allé, Copenhagen S
CATEGORY: Visual artist
Live-stream every hour on the hour on


A route back to the city’s overlooked places to find out if they are still overlooked

I am interested in how the interaction between a site’s history and the registration of the site’s plants can reveal something about our view on nature. On my 12-hour walk, I will visit some of the places around Copenhagen that have in some way formed the framework for my previous projects. What did it look like back then – what does it look like today?

In the projects, I related to the specific place, its context, its state as overlooked – perhaps in a transition period as a building site – with plants growing in the shelter of a world that does not see them. What plants appeared when we looked the other way, and what could they tell us? Other projects investigated the paths that are trampled because we are making shortcuts, perhaps to gain time.

In my backpack I carry books, newspapers and photos that document the projects and places as they looked back then. When I live-stream every hour, I want to reflect on what kind of place it was back then and what kind of place it is today… How did it go with the plants?




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Camilla Berner is a visual artist graduated from the Chelsea College of Art and Design (London) and the College of Agriculture. For a number of years she has been interested in plants and the way we relate to them. Berner explores specific places and plants based on historical, scientific and political landscapes. Between knowledge and ideas, records and interpretations, she addresses questions of (overlooked) realities, their dissolution and the search for new empirics.

Camilla Berner exhibits widely at home and abroad at museums and smaller exhibition venues, currently The Free Exhibition Building, Copenhagen, Randers Art Museum and the project room M100 in Odense. She has carried out several temporary and permanent projects in the public space and is represented in private collections as at Brandts and Ny Carlsberg Foundation, among others. In 2018, Berner received the Danish Arts Foundation’s three-year scholarship.


Camilla Berner Metropolis Walking Copenhagen