Benjamin Vandewalle on site visit – Studio Cité

In the summer 2019, Belgian choreographer and dancer Benjamin Vandewalle will bring Studio Cité to Copenhagen – an artistic fun fair, a playground for the human gaze and a space where social encounters, discussions and the exchange of ideas can take place.

– The interview takes place on the first site visit in Copenhagen in November 2018. Video footage of Studio Cité is from a try-out in Moss, Norway.

Vandewalle starts from the idea that the way we perceive the world determines how we think about this world and thus also act in it. By changing the way we perceive reality, we can challenge our thoughts and actions in and about the world we live in.

We as human beings are creatures that love patterns, patterns of how to organize our lives, and as an artist I see it as my role to cut through those patterns to shake the foundation and to make people understand that there are also many other patterns or ways of being and perceiving – that there are many other possibilities around than the ones we always stick to.

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