1 Aug.: Maja Lee Langvad

TIME: 1 Aug. 10.00-22.00h
START: Baggesensgade, Copenhagen N
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen


My starting point is the book Questionnaires by the Swiss author Max Frisch, which has been published in my own translation by Basilisk Forlag. It is a book made up entirely of questions arranged in the categories: human survival, marriage, women, hope, humour, money, friendship, fatherhood, homeland, property, and death. The questions are of an existential nature and force the reader to relate to her own social, cultural, political and economic beliefs.

I have found 11 places in Copenhagen that each in their own way relate to the topics of the questionnaires. I will read questions from each category in the selected places and maybe leave some questions for passers-by.

I will share a link to each questionnaire and encourage everyone to go on facebook during my walk and answer one or more questions from a category of your choice. Everyone will be anonymous. Finally, I will read out some of the answers.


Excerpts from the property questionnaire:

Do you remember how old you were when you started to take it for granted that something belongs or does not belong to you?

In the event that you have purchased a plot: How long does it take before you perceive the trees on this plot as your property, ie. that the right to cut down the trees makes you happy or at least seems to you?

Do you perceive a dog as property?

How much real estate do you need to not worry about the future? (Please enter in square meters). Or do you think that your concern grows with your real estate?

What are you not insured against?





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Maja Lee Langvad (b. 1980) is an author and translator. She made her debut in 2006 with the conceptual collection of poems Find Holger Danske. In 2014, the book SHE IS ANGRY – A Testimony of Transnational Adoption was published. Most recently, she has published the collection of poems Madalfabet in collaboration with Kristina Nya Glaffey. She is co-editor of the Nordic literary magazine Kritiker.

She has worked with visual artists, composers and theatre directors in both Denmark and South Korea, and she has performed several literary performances on e.g. Overgaden – Institute for Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art and most recently at Det Classenske Bibliotek in connection with the performance festival Up Close.


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