MIETTES by Rémi Luchez (FR) – part of Move It!

A unique artist and the virtuos art of balancing
Thursday 30 Aug. 17h00 / AFUK, Cph. SV – find your way
Friday 31 Aug. 17h00 / Charlotte Ammundsens Plads, Cph. K – find your way
Saturday 1 Sept. 17h30 / J. C. Jacobsens Have, Cph. V – find your way
Sunday 2 Sept. 17h30 / Rektorparken, Cph. SV – find your way


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Miettes is back to basics. Back to the essence of the art of balancing. With the equilibrium of the tightrope walker and the frailty of the clown – the spiritual virtuosity and the charmingly comical – and with the audience as the most important co-player, Rémi Luchez creates magic with the simplest of means.

There is only room for a small circle of audience. It is the extraordinary and exclusive meeting with an artist, who insists on being close to his audience, and on giving them a rare experience. In all its unique simplicity.

Duration: 60 min.

Presented as part of MOVE IT! 30 Aug.-2 Sept. – see full programme



“In the solo performance Miettes, the balance artist Rémi Luchez shuffled into the middle of the crowd as a modern French clown. Puzzled expression, timid look and small, hesitant steps. In his arms he carried four black-sooted wooden trunks, a bunch of metal wire and in the back pocket a nipper. With some quick string loops, he set up the tree trunks as two twisted beams with the wire in-between as his challenging scene. Everything creaked and waved while he found his balance on the slack line. Standing, walking, sitting.

But then he grabbed the nipper and cut the line. Oops, with a fall as the consequence! He repaired the line and repeated the debacle several times, as we in life often repeat an error, each time wondering how it ends up in the same way. The charming was found in Rémi Luchez’ marveled expression. That the soaked tree trunks make you dirty, and that the line breaks. But also the joy of playing with creativity, when he managed to revert the fallen wooden beams and repair the line, bend the wire in the form of glasses, or to use the bag with the s-hookers as a line elongation or as edgy earrings, causing a big girl to cheer out loud.” Weekendavisen

By and with: Rémi Luchez
Co-direction: Pierre Déaux
Light design: Hervé Gary
Photo: Thomas Seest (J.C. Jacobsens Have & AFUK)

Produced by: Compagnie Pré-O-Ccupé
Coproduction: Le Manège, scène nationale de Reims; Le Carré Magique, scène conventionnée de Lannion-Trégor; Open-Arts – Théâtre Le Quai, Angers
Supported by: Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe 2008; Conseil Général des Yvelines; La Merise de Trappes, Créat’Yve, réseau de Théâtres en Yvelines; le Théâtre de Villepreux; la Ville de Sainte Tulle; La Cascade, Maison des arts, du clown et du cirque de Bourg Saint Andéol; Le Sirque – Pôle Cirque de Nexon en Limousin; La Salamandre de Vitry-le-François
Special thanks: the Karlingue union and the family Harrivel, Déaux og Sauzay