Falke Mikailsen Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

28 July: Falke Mikailsen

TIME: 28 July
START: Copenhagen
CATEGORY: Storyteller
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For many Greenlanders, the relationship with nature is deeply felt and is based on a deep respect for Arctic nature as the Inuit’s habitat. As a hunter, healer, trained French chef and environmental activist for decades, Falke also has unique abilities to tell stories with personal but also societal perspectives.

Falke follows in the footsteps of Greenland in Copenhagen and dives into several aspects of the unresolved relationship between the two countries – a relationship that is hyper-current in a global context where the environment, raw materials and strategic location are at stake. The many traces are clear in Copenhagen in the form of public buildings, companies, squares, statues, etc.

The trip starts at 9h by the statue of Hans Egede by the Marble Church and continues through Copenhagen and ends at Tranhuset by Nordatlantens Brygge at 21h.




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I’m 59 years old. I was born and raised in Greenland, but have traveled back and forth between Denmark and Greenland throughout my life.

I am trained as an organic French chef, rescuer and firefighter. Throughout most of my life, I have been an environmentalist and a member of several environmental organizations