Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

11 June: Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt

TIME: 11 June 04.00-16.00h
START: Glamsbjergvej, Tårnby
CATEGORY: Performance artist
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen

Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt will be walking from her single-family home towards the closed asylum centre Kongelunden.


She will be in contact with people at distance and reflect on collective support.


She will be accompanied by former employees at Kongelunden, by children in the Danish detention camps, by her own children, by dead colleagues, by friends abroad, by historical artists’ collectives, by supporting councils, and movements in the streets and at the borders of Denmark.


She will not walk alone.



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Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt is a performance artist, theorist and curator. In the past few years she has been wondering, with friends, what role art can play in the light of increasing global inequality, ongoing colonial asymmetries and ecological disaster. She finds it impossible to make another critical, well-made show for friends and allies and fly around the world to present it internationally. Consequently, she has engaged increasingly in parenting, activism and academic work on collective responses to structural precarity.


Schmidt works with others. Over the past decade, she has been collaborating artistically with amongst others deufert+plischke, Monster Truck, Matthias Meppelink, RISK and Andreas Liebmann. Together with Swiss Choreographer Lucie Tuma they are the feminist duo Chuck Morris.

Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt Walking Copenhagen Metropolis

Portrait: Kajsa Gullberg