Bones & Stones Claudia Bosse Metropolis København 2023

Bones & Stones – Claudia Bosse

TOOK PLACE 17, 18, 19, 20 August at 19.30
MEETING PLACE Teaterøen, William Wains Gade 11, Refshaleøen, Cph. K – see location
WHAT Performance
FREE – reservation recommended
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An encounter with the universe’s past

Bones & Stones had an overwhelming reception in Vienna at the premiere, and now Claudia Bosse stages her successful performance as a total installation both inside and outside on Refshaleøen with mammoth bones and million-year-old stones in the lead role.

Six dancers of very different ages turn the Earth inside out. Layer by layer, they dig into time. Rocks and bones emerge from the black hole of darkness. Bodies carry them forward, hold on, feel, listen. The attention is focused, the atmosphere intense.
The bones and rocks are made of material older than our universe. Do they have memory? What language do they speak? What can they pass on to us who are gathered to receive their teachings?

The Austrian choreographer Claudia Bosse has created an odd ritual that drills through the time of the planet and creates encounters between naked bodies and material in decay. A landscape in decay. We are all in decay. Every moment we move towards our next stage and a rebirth in a new form. Skin, dust, sound, gravel swirl together, and in the middle of the storm we suddenly come face to face with our own fragility.

Claudia Bosse’s goal is to give our bodies a new relationship with nature, where it is not a resource for our benefit, but where we meet body to body.

Bones & Stones Claudia Bosse Metropolis København 2023hybrid beings
entangled in forces
they are shifting matter they are shifted matter
they are speculating about crystallisation of time
about becoming of the earth about kinship
they are recombining knowledge
between matters
spread out in time
movements of monsters …
we carry inorganic matter in our bones
memory of stones
in us


Bones & Stones Claudia Bosse Metropolis København 2023

Claudia Bosse is a director and choreographer based in Vienna and Berlin. She has created the company theatercombinat. She is interested in creating temporary communities, also with the non-human. Myths and rituals meet bodies and objects in an ongoing investigation of our history in the face of our future utopias. She creates interventions and site-specific works indoors in museums and theaters and outdoors in landscapes of all kinds.

Bones & Stones Claudia Bosse Metropolis København 2023

Raising awareness is the achievement of this great work. An ecological-feminist appeal for a fundamental change in our view of ourselves and the world. The poetry of the images is lastingly impressive.

Claudia Bosse’s “Bones and Stones” about our understanding of nature is convincing. It propagates a rethinking of our understanding of nature… The performers confidently leave their bodies to the audience’s gaze and thus decontaminate their gaze: It triggers the degradation of the toxic waste of smart or shrill high-performance body clichés deposited in it by the entertainment industry.
Der Standard

Bones & Stones Claudia Bosse Metropolis København 2023CREDITS

Concept/choreography/space: Claudia Bosse
Sound: Günther Auer

Performance/choreography: Marcela San Pedro, Carla Rihl, Anna Biczok, Myrthe Bokelmann, Christa Zuna Kratky, Anita Kaya
Light: Paul Grilj
Assistance: Larry Mey
Outside eye: Astrid Kaminski, Julia Zastava
Consulting: Mathias Harzhauser, Gerlinde Gruber, Barbara Imhof
Communication: Michael Walk
Production: Dagmar Tröstler
Photos: Marine Gastineau

A production of theatercombinat in coproduction with Tanzquartier Wien and FFT Düsseldorf. in cooperation with Naturhistorisches Museum Wien (nhm). Sponsored by Wien Kultur, Bundesministerium für Kunst und Kultur. Research residency in partnership with studio Plesungan, Surakarta, Indonesia. We thank the nhm Naturhistorisches Museum Wien for the objects on loan. Further thanks to Liquifer Systems Group, Peter Stamer, Krassimira Kruschkova and Marco Tölzer.


Duration: 2 hours 15 min.

Bones & Stones Claudia Bosse Metropolis København 2023