Arendse Krabbe Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

2 June: Arendse Krabbe

TIME: 2 June 00.15-12.00h
START: Stenderupgade, Copenhagen V
CATEGORY: Visual artist
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I will listen to the sounds and rhythms of Copenhagen for 12 hours. I want to paint my ears green – inspired by Henning Christiansen’s green ears. His idea of listening to nature and its musical dimensions is eternally relevant and especially right now. With my green ears, I want to listen to a city during covid-19 and the changes that the sound landscape is undergoing.


I want to listen to bird song, which has been clearer in the soundscape during covid-19. I will listen to silence and to what I meet on the street, I will listen to sneezing and cough, I will listen to traffic and air traffic, I will listen to my memory of the city’s soundscape before covid-19. I also want to listen to sounds that have otherwise remained constant during covid-19 such as church bells and the ocean’s meeting with the beach. On the whole, I want to open the city through the sensibility the green ears give me during covid-19.



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In my artistic practice, I examine the structures in which humans form and reside, and what happens when the structures incorporate themselves mentally and physically. I am concerned with the relationship between power hierarchies, boundaries, legislation, asylum, movement, body, and what it means to have a voice. A focal point of my work is listening and opening up to other dimensions through listening.


When I work, I often enter into collaborations and collective constellations with the human species, other forms of life and dimensions. I try to cooperate with the organism weed and learn from the organism’s symbiotic structure and migratory behavior. My work is process oriented and has materialized in the form of listening situations, collective text readings, audio, video, performance and text. I am part of the self-organized radio collective The Bridge Radio, which makes radio about asylum and migration policy, free movement, discriminatory asylum systems and border regimes.


Photo: Sol Archer

Arendse Krabbe Metropolis walking Copenhagen