ARBEJD ARBEJD – Seimi Nørregaard

WHAT Performance installation
WHEN 24 – 25 Aug. 8, 16 & 22 hrs
WHERE Ny Carlsberg Vej 140 by The Elephants, Carlsberg, Kbh V – see map
TICKET 95 / 55 kr

Go to work in a sweatshop

You walk into a small workroom – a sweatshop. You are sat down behind a sewing machine, surrounded by piles of fabric, and you are told to work. You work shifts, all while your co-worker breathes down your neck. The machine needs adjusting. Forms need filling in. You take turns sleeping. The production never stops.

Seimi Nørregaard stages a performance installation about work. About working conditions, disgust and joy, and about the power work has over us.

“Nørregaard’s texts are a delight, and intellectually poignant. Her room conjures up images – and may be the oasis where you can let your hair down.” Teater1

“The determined power of “Arbejd Arbejd” is what Nørregaard presents with swift pragmatism and absurd poetry, regardless of whether you sew, fold, dig holes or write articles like this here, work has taken over our bodies and has become what we live and breathe for.” Politiken

NB! In Danish

DURATION 60 min.
AGE from 12 years
PHOTO Maja Nydal Eriksen

Concept, author, choreographer, scenographer, costumes, light- and sounddesignerSeimi Nørregaard
Support Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Scenekunst