A Night in the Trees by hello!earth – Liselund Laboratorium Møn

A night in a hammock between old beech trees
5, 6, 7, 8 Aug. at 18.00h
12, 13, 14, 15 Aug. at 18.00h
19, 20, 21, 22 Aug. at 17.30h
26, 27, 28, 29 Aug. at 17.00h
DURATION: Till next morning at 8.00h
PLACE: Liselund Have/Garden, Langebjergvej 4, 4791 Borre / Møn
CATEGORY: Sleep-over
PRICE: DKK 200 / DKK 100 if under 16
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A NIGHT IN THE TREES is an invitation to spend the night softly hanging in a hammock between the old beech trees around Liselund Garden on Møn in August.

In the evening, you pick up your overnight kit, then equipped with a hammock, a few individual items, and a set of letters, you are ready to begin your very own sensuous night ritual.

You get to read the letters one by one as the evening progresses. They will guide you through small rituals, preparing you for the night and leading you to find rest and inspiration in the wisdom, power and intelligence of nature.

The night, the sleep and the presence of the old beech trees accompany us on a journey of consciousness towards the dawn. When we connect with nature and the more-than-human, our notion of collectivity, coherence and spirit is put into a new perspective and becomes more living, sensory and may get new meanings.

You can arrive alone or in a small group. Each night up to 8 of us will inhabit the same area in the forest yet we will each go through our individual journey in a guided do-it-yourself experience. All you need to bring is your sleeping bag and an open mind.

NB! Instructions are in English.



hello! earth is Jacob Langaa Sennek, set designer and visual artist, and Vera Maeder, choreographer and performance artist, who together create immersive experiences, where audience participation and co-creative power are central to the works.

The experience “A night in the trees” has been developed in collaboration with biologist Fin Jordao, Center for Alternative Technology Wales, and Eero Tapio Vuori, reality research center Helsinki. Fin has explored intelligence in natural systems and microorganisms and how this affects collective behavior. Eero has extensive experience as a performance / experiment creator, where he especially works with rituals and immersive experiences.



What to bring: Sleeping bag, clothes and shoes for the weather, a bottle of water, mosquito repellent, and snacks for the evening and morning. That’s all you will need. Everything else is already in the kit.

What’s in the kit:
A backpack equipped with a hammock with mosquito net and tarp in case of rain.
An underblanket to keep your back warm.
A headlamp.
A map to guide you to a specific tree.
Instructions to guide you to set up your overnight camp and carry out your personal night time ritual.

Booking and reservation form: click here.
After booking, you will receive an e-mail with all practical information.

Payment for each overnight stay DKK 200 / DKK 100 for under 16. You must pay when booking.
An additional deposit of DKK 500 will be required for each set of equipment. Deposit will be refunded immediately after we receive the undamaged equipment back.
No refunding of payment if you do not turn up or cancel min. 48 hours before arrival.

Your point of arrival/departure will be the Liselund Park car park.
Free parking and the possibility to store extra luggage at the entrance.
You will receive one set of equipment per person.
Equipment must be delivered back the following morning between 08.00-10.00 (exceptions must be agreed to)

Recommended minimum age is 5. Children under 16 to be accompanied by adults.


A Night in the Trees is created by hello!earth and presented by Metropolis as part of Liselund Laboratorium Møn with support from The Danish Arts Foundation and special permission from the Nature Agency.

Photo: hello!earth