24. juli: Jenny Gräf Sheppard

TID: 24. juli kl. 10.00-22.00
STARTSTED: Rebslagervej, København NV
KATEGORI: Musiker/lydkunstner
Live-stream hver hele time på www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen


On one hand, our lived experience is perceived through space and time and via the expansive, embodied, relational sensorium. On the other hand, this immersive, fleshy reality is increasingly mediated, translated, transduced into online, framed, pixelated, abbreviated representations of this lived experience.

The pandemic and resulting social distancing exaggerated this mediation to a new degree and, as a result, gathering, touching, listening, feeling, sensing and knowing has taken on a new dimension. Jenny Gräf’s performative walk works with this contrast and transduction by creating a digital, online corporeality that considers the body anew, collapsing, temporal, spatial distinction. The result is a telematic performance, composed of a grid of 12 videos that create a “playable” body, a transduction of the 12-hour performance walk.




Below is a mixable archive of Jenny Gräf Sheppard’s hourly livestreams for Walking Copenhagen, viewable only on a computer’s web browser.
Viewers are invited to turn up the sound on each individual clip in the below grid, to create various mixes of the sound.

Intro video



Jenny Gräf is an electronic musician and artist working with sound, embodiment and the senses in relation to co-acting agencies. Her works quite often engage participants in activating parts of the piece. She has created works with older women with Alzheimer’s finding strategies for framing them as intentional agents.

2018-2020, she led the research project Sounding Bodies: Researching Resonance in and Between Bodies which looked at ways bodies “record”, “store” and “play back” sound and how bodies communicate via sound. Gräf has worked with divining phonemic sounds within her Stone Carving Oraclestra project using collaborative improvisation and stone to channel information. She is currently a PhD Fellow at The Royal Danish Academy for Fine Art and University of Copenhagen working with the project Communicating Vessels: Re-defining Agency through Sounding.



Jenny Gräf Sheppard Walking Copenhagen Metropolis