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Metropolis Copenhagen – open call for 2024 & 2025

NB! The open call is closed. We have sent out confirmation emails to all 329 artists/companies who sent us proposals.



We are open for proposals for the Metropolis programme 2024 & 2025 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our season runs from May to September.

But… before pushing the button and sending your latest touring project, please continue reading. We don’t want to be overloaded and you don’t want to waste your time.


Københavns Internationale Teater launched Metropolis in 2007 as a performance-based arts programme for the public space in Copenhagen. See

Since then, Metropolis has extended to a platform for site-based and location-based work, still rooted in performance, but increasingly interdisciplinary. Our public programmes include curated walks, conceptual work, installations, dance & movement-based work, audio installations, contemporary music theatre, site-based performance art, durational performances, contemporary circus, etc.

We love work which challenges the public and engages them in many ways. We often curate thematically and often use terms such as ritualistic, explorative, participatory, networked, process driven, physical, connected, speculative…

We are all over the place, just not in traditional theatres and art spaces. We are in the inner city, in empty and disused spaces, in-between spaces, on building sites, industrial sites, in re-wilding habitats, along shorelines and in the woods. We spend a lot of time finding the right place and the right situation for the right work.

We have also developed a series of international residencies for individual artists (open call January ’24 for Summer ‘24) and local collaborations in the city related to urban regeneration and community involvement.

Via the European IN SITU network, we are involved in coproducing and in exchanges as we are committed to international work as a vital perspective of our programme.

Compagnie XY Metropolis 2019 Bellahøj

The theme of our new four-year cycle is “from Metropolis to Ecopolis” with a focus on a more ecologically related artistic practice and cultural awareness and redefining cities as more hybrid and complex landscapes.

We are interested in exploring how we are all connected – humans as well as non-humans and how artistically driven processes can activate new awareness and commitment in a shared future.

As we have our main focus on the “condition of the world” and the climate and ecological crisis, we are in particular inviting proposals from artists who have this consciousness as an integrated aspect in their work.

Regarding content, the ecological can be explicit or implicit, it can be human or material, it can be the ‘narrative’ or how/where it is presented. It can take many different forms and approaches.

Regarding production/touring, we are looking for work which uses a minimum of infrastructure and technology, and which can travel to Copenhagen with a minimum of CO2 emission.

Our programme can be anywhere “in” the city or “outside” the city. It’s all connected, and we have used more than 150 locations for presenting work. Usually, a few days in Copenhagen with a lot of walking is the next step in any collaboration.

We are open for work which is already created and just needs adapting as well as work which needs developing and formatting to new sites and situations. We are also open for work which is still being imagined.

Linh Le Metropolis København 2022

This is an open call for 2024 & 2025.

If you have read all of the above and feel that your work is a match for Metropolis, please fill out the form:



Deadline was 21 January 2024 – the call is closed

Do you have questions? Please send us an email on

Photo: Thomas G. Bagge (Habitat by Doris Uhlich) / Samuel Buton (The Voyages by Compagnie XY) / Frej Schmedes (Linh Le)