Mikkel Hobitz Metropolis København 2022

To let your roots grow into the sky – by Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg

A circus ritual turning the world upside down
TIME & PLACE – find your way
19 Aug. 19.00 / the iron bridge on Refshaleøen
20 Aug. 19.00 / Ofelia Plads
21 Aug. 19.00 / Nordre Toldbod, the pier
WHAT: Circus ritual


In the middle of the harbour environment, you find a 6-meter high pole around which the acrobat circles, hangs and balances. Full presence is essential.

When you stand on your head high up or hang in your hair, it is crucial to overcome your fear and your pain. There is a higher goal and focus. It is a beautiful physical and mental state – a state of weightlessness that otherwise rarely occurs here on earth.

The balance is never complete or finished. It is a constant quest with thousands of repetitions and small adjustments – a process where it is crucial to listen to both body and surroundings.

Mikkel Hobitz Metropolis København 2022When the perspective tilts
Standing on your head or watching someone stand on your head is always good for perspective when we spend the majority of our time lying down, sitting or standing. Turning the world upside down makes the view bigger.

From being anchored to the ground with our feet, we are transformed into a tree with roots that grow into the sky…

Mikkel Hobitz Metropolis København 2022


Mikkel Hobitz Filtenborg is a multidisciplinary artist with a focus on circus, dance and music. After his education at AFUK and DOCH, he has founded several circus companies and toured most of the world with his performances. Recurring themes in his works are collaboration, trust, risk and illusion/authenticity.

He greatly appreciates the craft itself in the art forms – to train, practice, repeat, develop and refine. For 15 years, he has been obsessed with the two circus disciplines that he focuses on in his ritual: free-standing headstand and Chinese pole.


Fotos: Marine GastineauMikkel Hobitz Metropolis København 2022