Programme Sunday – Performing Landscapes non-stop



13.00-14.30: SESSION 1 – choose between:

  • Singing Places
    with Katrine Faber

Katrine Faber

Singing Places is a performing arts hybrid between concert, performance and interactive ritual. You are guided into a world where everything sings, vibrates, buzzes and resonates. We listen to the bodies of the landscapes and the landscapes of the bodies. Which voices do we pay attention to? What does it do to our experience of the world and of ourselves?

We wander out to meet places and beings on Refshaleøen and give our voices and presence as gifts to what lives in and around us. Singing Places is an ongoing investigation of resonance as an artistic, social, relational, existential, and ecological tool.

Katrine Faber is a performance artist, singer, actress, theatre director, composer and psychotherapist. She is artistic director of Teater Viva, expanding the perception of theatre into an artistic space, where we can meet ourselves, each other and our living environment in an extended resonance – since 2015 within Singing Our Place: a Nordic cross art project about resonance between humans, our living surroundings and our common future. Singing Our Place has created performances, concerts, workshops, talks, sound installations and festivals in Denmark, England, Iceland, Finland Sweden and Greenland. / Photo: Allan Toft

Language: Danish/English
Sound performance


  • Sensuous City Local
    with Sisters Hope

Sisters Hope

In recent years, Sisters Hope has been collaborating with Metropolis to explore the city of a Sensuous Society in the format Sensuous City. In their recent iteration of this format, Sensuous City Local, they have been concentrating their investigation in a specified local area, Refshaleøen, exploring the sensuous and poetic vertical layers of that specific context.

In this session you are invited for a slow-walk, central to the Sisters Performance Method, with Sisters staff The Timer, who has been part of and facilitated the recent Sensuous City Local explorative walks at Refshaleøen.

Be aware the walk can be physically requiring, and you will traverse difficult environments.

Sisters Hope is an award-winning performance group renowned for their strong performative concepts in which they evoke visions for the societies of the future, centering around the sensuous and poetic. For several years, Sisters Hope has investigated the subject of schools in future societies in the performative format ”Sisters Academy”. Currently, Sisters Hope is focusing on more permanent embodiments of art, producing such works as the 5-year long performance piece ”Sisters Hope Home”, which opened in 2021 in Hedehusene. / Photo: I diana lindhardt

Language: English
Participatory performance


  • This is a Place of Rest
    with Nana Francisca Schottländer

Nana Francisca Schottländer

The workshop explores how we can sink into a place, its material layers and stories and rest as a way to connect ourselves physically and mentally with them. We will rest in places shaped by the logics of production, consumption and growth and with our resting bodies open other ways of being in the world.

Nana Francisca Schottländer works cross-aesthetically within choreography, performance and installation. Central to her work is the use of the body as a living tool for investigation and creation. Her work revolves around co-creative potentials in encounters with other-than-human entities and phenomena. In recent years, her focus has been on explorations of the nature/human dichotomy in dialogues with landscapes and material cycles that are shaped by human intervention.

Language: Danish/English


  • Ontosympati i tilfeldig møte med andre værensformer – the talk
    with Forskningsgruppen Kunst og sosiale relasjoner, Universitetet i Agder, Norge

Universitetet i Agder

A whole team of researchers and artists invites you on a walk based on cult author Jane Bennett’s thesis that there is no difference between humans and nature. We are the same substance, we have the same materiality. Her book “Vegetal Life and Onto-Sympathy” examines how nature affects human sympathy. An exciting meeting with a research team as a walking guide.

The research group Art and social relations is located at the Faculty of Arts, University of Agder, Norway. The group’s members come from both the music, theater and visual arts fields and have in recent years investigated the potential of art for the encounter with other forms of being. We work both experientially in workshops and projects as well as in reflection on our felt experiences. The two presentations on Saturday and Sunday testify to an ambition to «Walk the talk». The walk on Saturday is a workshop, The talk on Sunday is a mixture of presentation, conversation and experience. The two can be experienced together, or separately.

The group: Helene Illeris, Tony Valberg , Tormod Wallem Anundsen, Sunniva Øverland, Sunniva Hovde, Anne May Fossnes, Siri Linde Ingul, Mathilde Hirth, Michael Paulsen, Joachim Aagaard Friis, Lissi Wiingaard Thrane.

Language: English


  • Microgravity
    with Sparrow Dance/Esther Wrobel

Sparrow Dance Esther Wrobel

Microgravity is action performance research about the human species on the way to outer space. In a climate where only billionaires can buy a seat on a spacecraft, we want to democratize access to astronaut-like experiences so that ‘regular’ people like all the rest of us can experience the awe of space and participate in the reflection of our future. The project brings together artistic, scientific, and technical disciplines such as virtual reality, sound art, vertical dance, scientific dialogue, and immersive performance in order to encourage curiosity toward new types of moving/thinking. And generate experiences of Awe, Wonder, Curiosity, and Care (Humility).

Microgravity has been partnered with the Animation Workshop Viborg and Khora: Virtual and Augmented Reality Studio for development of Virtual Reality applications. It received funding for residencies at Åbne Scene at Godsbanen and Vestyllands Højskole from the Danish Arts Foundation for its research which ended in December 2022.
From 2023 the project is searching for production funds and presentation opportunities nationally and internationally.

Esther Wrobel (artistic leader, vertical dancer), Tanya Montan Rydell (dance artist and climate activist), Yann Coppier (sound artist, composer and researcher), Lucía Jaén Serrano (dance artist and feminist activist), Michelle Kranot (film director, painter, and animator). Dialogue partners are Rune Hylsberg (engineer) from Aarhus Space Center (SpaCe), Beatrize Campos Estrada (astrophysicist from Copenhagen University), Dr. Einav Katan-Schmidt (philosopher, dance researcher).

Language: Danish or English
Outdoor (covered)
NB! Only 5 places per hour



14.45-15.45: SESSION 2 – choose between:

  • Landscapes of Laughter
    with Antoinette Helbing

Antoinette Helbing

Landscapes of Laughter is a development of two previous works on laughter by Antoinette Helbing – the solo The Laughing Game and the group work The Laughing Crowd. Landscapes of Laughter is both sound installation and an interactive performance inviting the audience to experience the landscape of laughter from new perspectives.

In interaction with the audience, the bodily and aural expression of laughter as well as the social and emotional implications of laughter are examined: Laughter, which can promote cohesion, just as it can be uncontrollable and uncomfortable. The audience will go on a journey through the broad spectrum of emotions that laughter encapsulates.

One can either observe at a distance or follow the dancer closely.

Antoinette Helbing is a German choreographer based in Copenhagen. Her works are driven by a deep fascination with how the body enters into social interactions. She explores phenomena such as laughter, crying and how we humans create our self-image by interacting with each other.

She constructs social spaces that awaken the senses and allow the audience to interact. As an audience, you are close to the performers, and she often includes the audience’s behavior and reactions in the performances.

Antoinette Helbing is interested in the Feldenkrais Method, and she has developed a choreographic practice that invites the audience to slow down and dive into the performance with all their senses. / Photo: Jan Vesala

Language: Danish or English


  • NB! FULLY BOOKED – Invisible String / Silent (Sorrow) Voices
    with Stina Strange Thue

Stina Strange Thue

…combines workshop and text reading that examine the visible and invisible connections that can be found between the human and other than human organisms. The workshops explore space in constant transformation. Space both anchored and changed through eye contact, bodies, and natural elements. We will be working with an element of drawing and ’gigantic’ string figures inspired by Donna Haraway.

The workshop combines Stina Strange Thue’s work as a Performing Landscapes-artist in VILDPARK, Guldborgsund, with her work creating a connection between body and architecture in collaboration with architect Rasmus Strange Thue and his artistic development business at The Royal Danish Academy – Architecture, Design and Conservation.

The workshop consists of a physical audience participatory element (everyone can join in regardless of background) as well as a reading by Stina Strange Thue where she will read aloud from a text when created during her residency at VILDPARK.

Stine Strange Thue is a dancer, artistic producer, and writer. Her practice is rooted in a raw, physical-poetic approach to dance that believes in the narrative skills of the body in interaction with a poetic and sensuous approach to convey our being in the world. Stina is a part of the award nominated company DeLeónCompany that has created full length performances and projects in the realm of contemporary dance since 2017. / Photo: Gina Kristiansen

Language: Danish
Workshop and performance


  • Seance i Tankernes Have
    with Peter Vadim

Peter Vadim

Peter Vadim creates a seance where daydreaming serves as a bridge between our inner and outer worlds; an exploration of collective daydreams where we immerse ourselves in the elements of the landscapes and share our inner journeys through words, movements and shapes which create a new shared narrative about the landscape.

Peter Vadim explores how daydreams connect body, other shapes and landscapes. Peter considers his gender identity as fluid and seeks inspiration in the beauty of the overlooked and marginalized, the abject. Peter is a dancer and choreographer with a background from the Danish National School of Performing Arts and has worked freelance within the field of dance, theatre and workshops since 1994. Peter is also a landscape architect and is engaged in art and architecture FORMIDLING  as well as cultural and artistic development on Bornholm. (on photo: Peter Vadim & Allan Clausen)

Language: Danish


  • NB! FULLY BOOKED – Microgravity
    with Sparrow Dance/Esther Wrobel

See description above



16.00-17.00: SESSION 3 – choose between:

  • NB! FULLY BOOKED – Breath Activism
    with Sophie Dupont

Sophie Dupont

A guided breath performance into everything that is life.

Dupont’s performance examines the ritualistic repetition of the most basic expression of life: the breath. With the breath as the starting point for her performances, she reduces the distance between art and life — as well as artist and audience. The breath can be seen as source of life, personal power, political resistance, and spiritual practice.

To take back our breath and claim the breath for ourselves is an act of resistance. We resist the ever- expanding, artificially-constructed paradigm made by the hawkers of commercial distractions who offer to take our breath away every second of the day.

Respiration constantly connects our inner and outer worlds in resonance with specific surroundings. Breathing takes place in the present, bridging between the past and the future connecting people with space and place. The breath is free and available to everyone alive — to notice, to energize, and to coordinate with others. Along with the heartbeat, breathing forms the flow state of life’s rhythm.

The breath is always situated and site specific, following the moods of the body and the company we keep. We share molecules and microbes within minutes with all the people around us. The recent pandemic reminded us that what we carry inside us is actually contagious — Fear and Disease as well has Love and Joy.

Sophie Dupont explores the basic human condition. With a background in visual arts from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and dance from the London Contemporary Dance School, she puts her body at the center of organized and choreographed performances. With her body as medium, material and tool, she works with an exchange between objects, body and space, which often focuses on the balance between concepts such as materiality/immateriality, physicality/spirituality, body/soul and abstract/concrete.

Language: Danish or English


  • Terra Multorum – The Land of Many
    with Linh Le

Linh Le

Meet me in front of the large wolf. Dance with me in moonlight. Together we will celebrate and howl for the species.  

Terra Multorum is the response of Linh Le to Terra Nullius, which means “No Man’s Land”. The idea that the land/earth does not belong to or is inhabited by anyone, was used and is used as a means to legitimize the colonization of areas and the extraction of resources.

Terra Multorum means “The Land of Many” and recognizes the species and organisms that inhabit a given area.

Linh Le is a performance artist and climate activist, a member and co-founder of the performance climate activist group Becoming Species. Together with Extinction Rebellion and The Embassy of the Species, Becoming Species has created several performative actions in the public space. / Photo: Hans Ravn

Language: Danish


  • Portal
    with Sonja Strange

Sonja Strange

Portal is a performance that attempts to awaken the spirit of Refshaleøen, and through movements, soundscapes and illuminated landscapes during twilight, Sonja Strange will in interaction with the audience revive and experience the spirit of the place. A form of ‘portal’ approach to the past, the present and what is yet to come.

Sonja Strange is a visual artist, who graduated from the Jutland Academy of Arts in 2008 and from VSUP – Academy of Arts, Prague, Czech Republic. Strange has exhibited at home and abroad. She works site-specifically, where she investigates the historical, biologic and mythological layers of the given place – a kind of exploration of our common composite world. Strange then creates a new narrative of a performative nature, which develops into video works, costumes, paintings, text and sound.

Language: Danish/English


17.00-17.20: COMMON SESSION

  • Closing ritual
    with Sara Lee Armstrong

Sarah Lee Armstrong

Drawing upon the traditions of the Danish Southern Islands Folkdance community, we will lean into circular rhythms of motion and the notion of carrying landscapes within.

Sarah Lee Armstrong is a choreographer, dancer and performer working within the somatic and choreographic relations to ritual, place and body. / Photo: Madeleine Kate McGowan


17.30-18.30: TALKS & FOOD

… with the artists from the previous sessions