20 June: Lotte Faarup

TIME: 20 June 17.00-05.00h
START: Slotsherrensvej, Vanløse
CATEGORY: Stage director / playwright
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen



3 years ago I got my backpack stolen just outside my home.

In that backpack was my Mayland calendar with all my appointments, my brown leather wallet with credit card, driver’s license, health insurance, eu health insurance card, my membership card for Danish stage directors, my membership card for Physical Form, my travel card, some bills that my work should refund, a discount voucher from Helsam with already 9 stamps, which meant I only needed one more to get a gift, approx. DKK 150 in cash, photographs of my children, a small drawing my son had made when he was 5, a leather pencil case I was really fond of, an orange work diary with completely irreplaceable notes, a contact lens case, contact lens fluid in a small bottle, business cards, a poem collection by Rainer Maria Rilke I had just bought, and some gum.

It was bad enough, but the worst thing was perhaps that in that backpack were my black tango shoes, which it has taken me so long to find, which are the only shoes in which I have managed to dance properly, and which therefore only I enjoy. In my frantic annoyance that someone would take something that is mine, especially something that is so personal, I will walk in the footsteps of the two young boys I met that night. Try to find out where they fled, who they are, and why they took my backpack.




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Lotte Faarup was born in 1962 in Copenhagen. Stage director, playwright and artistic director of Det Olske Orkester and Forsøgsstationen. Educated in Denmark and Italy. For 18 years director of the children’s and youth theatre Theater La Balance together with Dutch director Marc van der Velden; the subsequent 4 years state ensemble Corona La Balance. In 2009 founded Det Olske Orkester and Forsøgsstationen together with Øyvind Kirchhoff. Works overall in three artistic tracks: Poetic/political texts in physically expressive choreographies (the performance “Dengang vi blev væk”, the trilogy “A Nation’s Self-Hate – Denmark between Shame and Self-Overestimation”), musical works in disharmonious absurd frames (the happenings “Christmas Concert”, the research project “The Sound of the Audience”) and boundary-seeking place or audience-engaging formats (the night walk “Escape”, the performance “No dear mother”).

Lotte has received several awards for her work at Forsøgsstationen and Det Olske Orkester. She is currently working on the research project “Silence, Pause and Audience Memories”.




Photos: Øyvind Kirchhoff