Karoline H Larsen Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

5 Aug.: Karoline H. Larsen

TIME: 5 Aug. 11.00-23.00h
START: Jagtvej, Copenhagen N
CATEGORY: Visual artist
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen


Can I examine the encounter with the city’s textures up close?


Nothing has category. So what is the lamppost before it is a lamppost? When examining the lamp post with the tongue, or hitting it with a stick?


What is the world?


Who do I become when I meet the world with my exploratory body? When I am not human, or when I am human, plant, animal, air, water, fire, instinct, material. Lick, gnaw, drool, spit. But also knock, mash, lie down, hammer, rub, touch. To slowly discover what it is – and explore the place and what it can in other ways.


I am working to open up a space that is closed off due to all the words and definitions. Audiences online are welcome to join, watch and perhaps post their own research of the encounter with the world.


Karoline H Larsen Metropolis Walking Copenhagen


Karoline works with the basic way of being in public space. It is the everyday rhythms of adults, the elderly, young people and children that she puts into play in new ways through her citizen-involving works of art. She calls her art practice “creative actions” that create new social infrastructures to rediscover how people can meet each other and the city spaces.