FINISTERRE by Rita Hoofwijk

Follow us to the end of the world
DATE: 15-19 September at sunrise and sunset – the times follow the sun
15 Sept. start each 15 min. between 6.42 and 8.12 (Danish) and between 18.00 and 19.15 (English)
16 Sept. start each 15 min. between 6.44 og 7.59 (Danish) and between  17.58 and 19.13 (English)
17 Sept. start each 15 min. between 6.46 og 8.01 (Danish and between 17.55 and 19.10 (English)
18 Sept. start each 15 min. between 6.48 og 8.03 (Danish) and between 17.52 and 19.07 (English)
19 Sept. start each 15 min. between 6.50 og 8.05 (Danish) and between 17.50 and 19.05 (English)
DURATION: 40 min.
PLACE: Ofelia Plads, Copenhagen K
FREE REGISTRATION: Only 3 spots each 15 min. You sign up for a timeslot and will be sent your precise meeting time afterwards.
Registration form here.


The performance installation FINISTERRE turns our world upside down and takes us to the edge of the Earth. Show up at sunrise or sunset, put your neck back, and follow the sun’s journey across the horizon.

In the old days, people believed that the sun disappeared under the water at night. They pursued the sun all the way to the edge of the ocean until they could get no further. To the end of the world. For the Romans, for example, the end of the world was Cape Finisterre on the Spanish coast.

15-19 Sept., we will be looking for the end of the world at Ofelia Square. Each morning at sunrise and every evening at sunset you can lie on the edge and look towards the horizon. Through headphones, you are transported to the end of the world on a poetic and existential exploration of what lies behind the horizon.

Today we know that the world is much bigger than what we can see. But is it reassuring or rather dizzyingly disturbing that we no longer know where the world ends?



Sign up by clicking here.

Only 3 spots per 15 min.

NB! The performance starts each 15 min. You sign up for a timeslot of max. 45 min. You will be sent your specifik meeting time after registration. 

Language: Danish (sunrise) and English (sunset)
Practical: The performance takes place outside


In less than half an hour this experience totally changes how you see your surroundings – it truly feels as if you’ve never seen that stretch of water and that city before… Finisterre assails you with the beauty of everyday life and forces you to trust in something that initially inspires fear.” Theaterkrant


Rita Hoofwijk belongs to the younger generation of Dutch artists who are adept at making us question what we take for granted. She makes us curious about what opens up to us if we are brave enough to see everything upside down for a while. She is affiliated with the artistic production platform SoAP – Space oriented Artistic Practice.

Rita was part of our Metropolis Residencies i 2018.

Concept & text: Rita Hoofwijk
Dramaturgy: Felix Schellekens
Scenography: Erik van de Wijdeven
Performers: Annefleur Schep, Daan Simons, Rita Hoofwijk, Annika B. Lewis, Morten Nielsen, Eja Due
Produced by: SoAP Maastricht
Supported by Performing Arts Fund NL and In Situ/Creative Europe




Photos: Marine Gastineau