COLLECTIVE STRINGS with Karoline H. Larsen – Grønningen

Create a kaleidoscopic maze of strings and fabric across Grønningen
DATE 22 May-2 June
PLACE Grønningen, by Bogtrykkervej, Cph. NV

Karoline H. Larsen moves into Grønningen with kilometres of strings and fabric in all colours. The strings are for you, so you can help transform Grønningen into a monumental work of art with strips of fabric and strings thrown and drawn in a mishmash of colours floating in the air.

Day by day, the work grows and mutates and transforms the park into a kaleidoscopic maze.

There is access to the installation 24/7. The activity will be manned as follows:

Wed. 22 May – opening 15-19 hrs.
Thurs. 23 May 15-19 hrs.
Fri. 24 May 14-19 hrs.
Sat. 25 May 11-17 hrs.
Sun. 26 May11-17 hrs.
Mon. 27 May 15-19 hrs.
Tues. 28 May 15-19 hrs.
Wed. 29 May 15-19 hrs.
Thurs. 30 May 15-19 hrs.
Fri. 31 May 14-19 hrs.
Sat. 1 June 11-17 hrs.
Sun. 2 June 11-17 hrs.

Thurs. 6 June at 15.00: “Give Away-event”


Artist Karoline H. Larsen abolishes the distinction between art and play and between spectator and artist. She transforms and stages the urban space with the visitors and restores the opportunity for play and creativity in the city.

During Metropolis 2015, Karoline created COLLECTIVE STRINGS at Skt. Thomas Plads on Frederiksberg. See more here.


Concept and execution: Karoline H. Larsen
Technician: Morten Liyanage Villadsen
Assistants: Rikke Flensberg, Emil Krog Rasmussen, Trine Langkilde
Recycled material: argo
In collaboration with and with the support of Metropolis, Områdefornyelsen Nordvest, Bispebjerg Lokaludvalg and the City of Copenhagen
Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull