Snorejunglen af Karoline H Larsen, Metropolis 2015


WHAT Installation
WHEN 14 – 30 Aug. weekdays 13-18 hrs, weekends 10-18 hrs
WHERE Skt. Thomas Plads, Frederiksberg – see map

A colourful forest of strings

We move into a majestic and beautifully landscaped place with 100 kilometres of rope and string in all colours. From 14 August the place transforms into a monumental work of strings pulled between the trees. An anarchistic work which develops gradually day by day during the festival, ultimately created by its visitors.

From a distance you see the structure as a colourful installation, but you can also pull the strings, make new connections and transform the work. You can even climb into the installation and let yourself envelop by the kaleidoscopic jungle of strings.

Visual artist Karoline H. Larsen eradicates the distinction between art and game, and between spectator and artist. She transforms and stages urban space together with the visitors and reinstates the opportunity for playfulness and creativity in the city. 

 Statens Kunstfonds Projektstøtteudvalg for Billedkunst and the Municipality of Frederiksberg
PHOTO Maja Nydal Eriksen / Agnete Schlichtkrull / Karoline H. Larsen