Tue Biering Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

10 Aug.: Tue Biering

TIME: 10. Aug. 8.00-20.00h
START: Fix & Foxy, Copenhagen V
CATEGORY: Director
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen


THE STATE – 12 portraits of us

The city is a completely impossible fantasy of gathering many, very different people in very little space and making it work.

THE STATE is the image of a complex society in which the right-wing radicals, the left-wing, the rich, the homeless, the vegans, the migrants, the minorities and those who have lost live side by side. We all live in the welfare state, which has the task of ensuring the basic social rights of all citizens. We have all given up some of our freedom to the state in return for receiving the security that the community gives us. But are we safe, and do we really agree on anything anymore? And what is left of the STATE?

With Shakespeare’s HAMLET as a template, the lives of 12 different citizens in the STATE are evoked. We meet someone who has the ability to see ghosts, we also meet the grave digger, one of society’s rich people and someone who has almost nothing, a revolutionary who was radicalized by the state, a patriot, someone who the state called crazy, someone who tries to fit in, someone who creates the story of the STATE, someone who lost his good friend, and someone who has completely opted out of the STATE…

This walk is also a preliminary study for FIX & FOXY’s “THE STATE”, which is a megalomaniacal staging of all of Copenhagen for a whole year in season 22/23.



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Tue Biering has directed and written performances, radio drama, worked on installations and other types of art projects. He is the artistic director of the company Fix & Foxy.

Tue Biering Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

Photo: Natascha Thiara Rydvald