Sara Hamming Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

29 July: Sara Hamming

TIME: 29 July 8.00-20.00h
START: Dronning Olgas Vej, Frederiksberg
CATEGORY: Writing performance artist
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The walk is an exploration of the word distance.

With spit I stick ‘distance’ to statues, stations, stones and other things that add to or take away the meanings of the word distance.

At the start of the walk, I stick ‘distance’ to my feet, which will mark the distance between the places I walk to.

I will walk to places and objects which s and t in their names. S and t are contained in the word for standing in many languages.

Like in distance – which denotes the relation that everything stands in.



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Sara’s themes are language, fantasies/power and history. Sara’s work often departs from archaic text forms, but never conservatively and always fighting fascism.

At the moment, she is preparing the sound piece English Speakers about the English language – performed by 9 speakers – with musical compositions by Anja Jacobsen and Lil Lacy. English Speakers will premiere in Copenhagen in November 2020.

Sara Hamming Metropolis Walking Copenhagen