Mikkel Harder Walking Copenhagen Metropolis

6 May: Mikkel Harder Munck-Hansen

TIME: 6 May 09.00-21.00
CATEGORY: Theatre director



I will seek out all the homes I have lived in in reverse order and try to get in touch with the people who live in them now. The corona situation probably prevents me from getting in. Therefore, I want the residents to describe the home as they experience it.


I will bring old photos that were taken in the homes when I lived in them, and ask them to describe the changes since I lived there. I want to ask them how they experience the place and if they have thought about who has lived there before.


I want to philosophize about similarities and differences between who I was / are and those who live there now, e.g. by asking them about the neighbours, and if they also do things I did that were related to just that place. And about special experiences of just that place.


I start at Halls Allé on Frederiksberg C, where I have lived since 2011. From there I go to Ørestads Boulevard on Amager, where I lived for 7 months in 2011, before the trip goes to Grønnegade in Copenhagen K. I lived there from 2004-2011. The next stop is Værnedamsvej in Vesterbro, where I lived from 1997-2004, before the trip goes back to Åbenrå in Copenhagen K, where I lived from 1994-1997. Then I go to the outer Frederiksberg, this time Peter Bangsvej, where I lived on/off 1987-1994. I just read in the local newspaper that my old neighbour, Mr. Egenæs, died last week at the age of 106 years and four months. From Peter Bangsvej, the trip goes to Grønnemose Allé in Søborg, my second childhood home, where I lived 1977-1987, before the trip goes to Høje Gladsaxe, where I lived the first 10 years of my life. I think I will take the bus back to Frederiksberg after the approx. 33 km walk…



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Mikkel Harder Munck-Hansen - Walking Copenhagen - Metropolis




Born in 1967, trained actor from schools in Paris and London. Has participated in 15 productions, mostly in the UK, and directed 28 productions, among others for Kaleidoskop, DR, CaféTeatret, Teater Nordkraft, Det Kongelige Teater, etc., of which several Reumert nominees. I have written and developed and even created scenography for a few performances. I have sat on many theatre boards, the Danish Arts Council, etc. and has since 1993 been the leader of small and large theatres, festivals and cultural institutions, among others as radio drama director and drama director.


Photo: Lars Krabbe