Mathias Theisen Walking Copenhagen Metropolis

8 July: Mathias Theisen

TIME: 8 July 10.00-22.00h
START: Toppen, Trekroner
CATEGORY: Dancer / choreographer
Live-stream every hour on the hour on


On my walk I will meet the landscape between the fjord and the bay.
I will come and go without leaving any trace. Along the way, I will use my body to activate the landscape and explore it with curiosity and play.

Hedebostien is a relatively new path connecting recreational natural areas and valuable landscapes. I have made a remake, which is my option of a nature-rich walk / bike ride between two easily accessible stations in the metropolitan area. Take a look here.

In addition to the live-stream on facebook, I will share my live location, and in this album I will upload photos and impressions along the way, which I hope you will explore.





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Mathias Theisen is a dancer and choreographer. He is educated at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and recently returned to Denmark to build his base in Copenhagen.

In his work, Mathias is curious about the overlap between the figurative and the abstract, and he seeks out the poetry and play that may arise in the encounter with the absurd.

On September 29, he will premier his solo Ego Trip as part of NEW SH*T – an evening curated by Thjerza Balaj and presented by Dansehallerne and Betty Nansen Teatret.


Mathias Theisen Walking Copenhagen Metropolis