20 July: Louise Haugaard Jørgensen

TIME: 20 July 5.00-17.00h
START: Ungarnsgade, Copenhagen S
CATEGORY: Visual artist
Live-stream every hour on the hour www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen


On my walk through the city I will visit streets, squares and works of art, which in their names contain stories of past and present that are more or less openly discoverable. The city and the language in which we wrap it contains the History and is an expression of language understanding and cultural policy through time, and tells indirectly about who is given a voice and who is excluded from the conversation.

What is given a place in the urban space, and what is not? What is given body through language, and what is missing words? By telling, associating freely, and writing continuations of the stories that the names of the city tell, I weave a different story about the city. I start right after sunrise at 5:00.

Louise Haugaard Jørgensen Metropolis Walking Copenhagen 



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I work in the field between performance, text, sculpture and photography. My driving forces are a critical curiosity and humour. I want to create objects and situations that the mind can play with and that challenge normative storytelling and unconscious meaning formation. I want to create images of paradoxical encounters between people and the technology that, on the one hand, we are the originator of and, on the other hand, do not understand the consequences or the extent of.

I understand technology broadly as both physical and intangible inventions and systems. For example, language is our invention in the sense that it originates from us – but at the same time we are shaped by it. Language forms the framework of what we are able to think and convey to others, and on an equal footing with any other technology, we must continuously develop and update the language to ensure that it can be used to talk about a world, which is also constantly evolving.