KILL YOUR DARLINGS by Joshua Monten (CH) – part of Move It!

Hyperactive, humorous chaos dance with chalk, dust and sweat
Friday 31 August 16h30 / Israels Plads, Cph. K – find your way
Saturday 1 September 14h40 / AFUK, Cph. SV – find your way
Sunday 2 September 14h40 / AFUK, Cph. SV – find your way


Joshua Monten brings the audience quite close to a down-to-earth playful dance, which touches everyone with its contagious energy and humour. 

Two men appear. They get the chalk out and start to draw. A hopscotch. With nerdy precision they move around the squares. They repeat the movements over and over again. But the fixed geometry and rhythms start to shift, crack and multiply.

Relentlessly they struggle to hold the pattern of movement together as it becomes more and more complicated. More and more exhausting. Everything ends in a hyperactive and infernal chaos of chalk, dust and sweat.


Duration: 20 min.

Presented as part of MOVE IT! 30 Aug.-2 Sept. – see full programme

Choreography: Joshua Monten
Dancers: Alexandre Nadra & Joshua Monten
Photo: Thomas Seest