Jytte Høy Walking Copenhagen Metropolis

19 June: Jytte Høy

TIME: 19 June 09.00-21.00h
START: Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde, Copenhagen K
CATEGORY: Sculptor
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen

from Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde over the southern tip of Amager to Prags Boulevard, 19 June 2020


In my bookshelf there has for many years been a large black book covered in the finest canvas. As I decide that my Wa(l)king Copenhagen trip will take the longest possible detour from my home to my studio, the book in the bookcase begins to move.


Coincidences appear. Amager is one of them. The book as a travel companion another. And stops, where thought and imagination can take over from the work of the foot, a third.


It feels like a partnership.


I want to take inspiration from H. C. Andersen’s “Journey on Foot – from Holmen’s Canal to the Eastern Point of Amager in the years 1828 and 1829” and walk around Amager as far as I can.


On the hour, I stop and pan around 360 degrees to mark where I / we are. Then I will select paragraphs from the books that accompany me and read aloud. Weird, funny, clever thoughts about walking.


Along the way, I will choose words or phrases from the paragraphs or from the impressions along the route. To conclude, if possible, I will connect it all into a story.


In his pocket, H. C. Andersen had three books:


Nyerup’s Københavns Beskrivelse

Pontoppidan’s Atlas

Hofmann’s Elixiere des Teufels


In my backpack I have:


Werner Herzog: Of Walking in Ice

Tomas Espedal:

Rebecca Solnit: Wanderlust

Henry David Thoreau: Walking

Frédéric Gros: A Philosophy of Walking

W. G. Sebald: The Rings of Saturn


Friday, June 19 at 9 pm, I will start at home reading aloud from H.C. Andersen’s JOURNEY ON FOOT.

Then, wearing my slippers, I will head out towards Amager…


Jytte Høy Walking Copenhagen


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Jytte Høy is educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen 1983-89. From 1996-2007, she was the principal of the Jutland Academy of Arts. Høy has had solo exhibitions at Esbjerg Art Museum, ARKEN, Rønnebæksholm, The Free Exhibition Building, Overgaden, ISCP (US) and Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (DE). Høy has received, among others, The Thorvaldsen Medal, Statens Kunstfonds Hæderslegat and Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s Scholarship.


Høy’s works are part of the collections at Esbjerg Art Museum, ARKEN, Sammlung Block (DE), Neues Museum (DE) and ARTER (TR), and she has created several works for the public space. Høy has published several books at her publishing house Apartment One, and she has published monographs with the German publishers The Green Box and Revolver as well as Forlaget Vandkunsten.


Jytte Høy about her work: Central aspects of my work are structure, complexity and seduction. I see my interest in structures as a kind of pattern-looking, where I look for coincidences in phenomena of very diverse nature. I find great beauty in the revelation of that kind of sudden and special connection. My favorite tools are sensuality and humour in relation to the man’s ability to marvel.


More info on instagram @jyttehoy and www.jyttehoy.dk