Elsebeth Jørgensen Metropolis Walking Copenhagen

7 Aug.: Elsebeth Jørgensen

TIME: 7 Aug. 10.00-22.00h
START: Ryesgade, Copenhagen Ø
CATEGORY: Visual artist
Live-stream every hour on the hour on www.facebook.com/walkingcopenhagen



On my walk, I bring cartographic archive material, “Lufthaven”, an electronic composition by the composer Rasmus Zwicki, and “Glossary of Walking Art”, a collection of words formed by an international network of artists for “The Museum of Walking”.

The route is formed from an archive-based and bird’s-eye principle. I move in the city through historical maps and drawings from i.a. Copenhagen City Archives. 12 stop locations are selected based on visual points in the archive material, where especially physical high points are seen in the terrain or as high architecture.

During Covid-19’s shutdown, I began to see and sense my city in a different way. The streets were empty and the sound of the city changed. The physical collections of public archives and museums were closed and inaccessible. Metropolis encouraged me to examine the change of the city. I missed walking around the archives’ physical collections.

At the same time, a boom of digital dissemination and communication occurred, and in my mailbox I received messages every day from WAN@jiscmail.ac.uk – “Walking Artists Network”. The high mail frequency indicated that there was a need to think together and produce new walks.


Elsebeth Jørgensen Metropolis Walking Copenhagen


In my contribution to Wa(l)king Copenhagen, I have invited film director and media designer Morten Schjødt to participate as photographer. Each stop is marked with a filming of 3 min. and 30 sec. and ends by us composing a still image on the spot together.

Parts of our walk can be experienced on August 7 as 12 live sequences. After the walk, a montage document is handed over to Metropolis, and it is distributed in the “Walking Artists Network”.

Historical maps are tools for both facts and imagination. Roads, streets, paths, public and private areas look different today than when the maps were produced. Maps are images of planned, lost, (un)realized, or preserved walking routes and physical collective spaces. The urban life of several eras is constructed with lines and shapes. A map creates social choreography and acts as visual instruction and abstraction.

With Walk.Doc., I will produce an interdisciplinary walking document from Copenhagen and connect Wa(l)king Copenhagen to a larger international network of artists who walk as a practice.



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Elsebeth Jørgensen (b. 1970) is a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2002, and lives and works in Copenhagen. Elsebeth works with photography, audio and video, text, installation and site-specific projects. Her works are different types of montages based on research in historical archives and her own site documentation, where registrations in image, sound and text are compared with archive material and fictional narration.

She often involves writers, composers, musicians, historians, botanists, archaeologists, archivists, media designers and actors in the production of works.

The works are presented in both art institutions, public urban spaces / landscapes or as live performances, sound walks, book releases and online in web-based formats.

She has exhibited since 1998 nationally and internationally at museums, art galleries and other exhibition venues and has made commissioned works for Tate Modern (UK), Hordaland Kunstcenter, Bergen (NO), Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Kunstmuseet KUBE, Ålesund (NO), and Deveron Arts, Scotland (UK).

Elsebeth Jørgensen Metropolis Walking Copenhagen